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Trust His Timing

This is a personal experience of a graduating student who had to face the difficulty of job hunting like other graduates. After her roommate, who is a straight-A student, and her other classmates failed to pass the interview, she asked herself what should I do?

In her published story God’s Timing Is Perfect—A Christian’s Experience of

Job Hunting at ,she said,

“Everybody was trying to submit their resumes, yet few of

them got an offer. Some exquisitely made resumes with facial

photographs on them fell to the floor, and there were footprints

on some of them. Seeing this, I felt sad and could not help but

sigh in my heart: Who says people going to college will have a

good future?”

Passively waiting for a prospect company to come at their school, her

classmates asked,

“Are you just gonna keep waiting like this? You don’t know

whether that company will come to our school to recruit new

staff. If you just wait, and they don’t come, you’ll have already

lost all other opportunities to be recruited by other companies.

The days of waiting appeared to be extremely long. Although she began to feel anxious and awful, she didn’t lose hope. She came to God and pray,

“Oh God! You know I’m in agony now and I don’t know what course to follow. I’m afraid of losing my future, and even dread the derision of my classmates if I gain nothing in the end. What shall I do now? May You lead me.”

After praying, she took out her notebook for spiritual devotions and browsed it. She saw a poem written by David and saw the following words of God:

“That which My light shines upon, you must rely on Me to cast it away, live by Me always, be close to Me, and your actions must reveal My likeness. You shall fellowship with Me more when you are unsure of what to do, and I will guide you toward the right actions so that you may move forward. If you are unsure, do not take arbitrary actions; just wait for My time.” “You truly lack faith in My presence and often rely on yourselves to do things. ‘You can’t do anything without Me!’ But you corrupt people are always taking My words into one ear and out the other. Life nowadays is a life of words; without words there is no life, there is no experience, not to mention that there is no faith. Faith is in words; only by throwing yourselves more into God’s words can you have everything. Don’t worry about not growing up; life comes through growth, not through worrying.” “You are always apt to become anxious and don’t listen to My instructions. You always want to exceed My pace. What is that about? It is people’s wild ambitions…Blind men! Why don’t you come to My presence more and seek? Why are you just acting blindly? You must see clearly! It is certainly not a person who is working now, but rather it is the Ruler of all, the one true God—the Almighty!” 

This is when she was enlightened. She realized that although she has

committed the job-hunting to God and allowed Him to reign over it,

she still didn’t have enough faith. Three days later, she got a call from

an acquaintance to go to a place for an interview.

And what happens next? She got the job. She could not express her

feelings except that she had seen God’s immeasurable deeds. She had

seen that God works wonders. It was her little faith that made it seem

like the waiting days were too long.

The truth is, God just wanted to temper her faith in the process and to

believe in His timing. If you turn your heart over to God and trust in

His pace and arrangements, you won’t feel anxious and impatient.

God sees you waiting. He sees your joys and sorrows. And more

importantly, He works in silence. Whether it be in career or other

aspects in life, you have to trust the process. Everyone has their own

story of success and share of failure. God will reveal His wonder in

His time.

Strengthen your faith and trust Him.

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