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You Can Still Change and Rededicate Your Life to God

Life is not all about having things to enjoy. Most of the time, it is about enjoying the

things with what you have. Sometimes you feel good and sometimes bad. It is safe

to say that life isn’t always great.

Things do not always go according to our plan. But like they say, life is not about

waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning how to dance in the rain. If you feel

like God does not want you to succeed or be happy, you just have to strengthen

your faith and turn to Him again.

Just like this testimony of Shannon, a happily married wife. In her testimony “A Story of God’s Mercy,” she shared how she rebelled against her mom and how mixed up her teenage life was.

At the age of 16 I met this guy and got married at 17. It was 1996. It was a horrible

experience. Before I got married I had a dream about a snake and it was about him. But

I didn’t want to think about that. Well, needless to say I got married anyway and it was

a living hell. He was on drugs and all his money went to that and mine went to finances.

He was raised in church also but didn’t go, he was backslid too.

Although raised in church her whole life, she became rebellious and did whatever she wanted to do. She got divorced a year after she was married. And in the same year, she lost her friend to a car accident. Imagine how hard it must have been for her at that time? The tragic events in her life at such a young age made her blame God.

But not long after, she started going back to church again. It was in 1998 when she decided to rededicate her life to Him. And in 1999, she met a guy who is now her husband. It was also the same time at church when the leader of an altar call prayed for her and said,

Shannon, I don’t know you only by name but I see this book and it opened and the pages are torn and ragged, and then I see a hand and the hand reaches out and throws the book away, then I see a new book and the pages are brand new and only a few are written on.

That’s when she knew that it was God’s way of saying I’m giving you a brand new start for your life.

You see, challenges will come and go. If you feel bad because of the current circumstances, do not forget that God is still present in your journey. No matter how seemingly impossible it is for you to accept the situation, just surrender to Him and have faith that He will get you out of it or help you get through it. When you fall, you need to get back up and start over. It is with God that you can get through anything, everything.

Shannon’s personal story is an inspiration to a lot of people. If you commit yourself

again to God, that is when you start to realize that He is and always has been there for



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